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sunnuntai 13. helmikuuta 2011

Hangover day tying.

My first aim was to just rest for the whole day but I cant just be in bed for the whole day (alone :) )so I just had to get up and take a walk in a very cold but otherwise a beatyfull winterday.
After an hours walk I came home feeling sorry for myself and made me a big cup of coffee and took a seat on the couch and started to read some old fly fishing magazines.
I get my hands on a magazine called Pohjolan perhokalastaja number 4/2010.There was a story of a pikefly made of bucktail.The intresting thing with the fly was that it was NOT tied like an hollow deciver,It was tied in a "normal" way by just put the material on the hook and tie.I dont know how this story has passed my eyes without me showing any intrest to it.
This time the further I read it I get more intrested and when There was also a tutorial of it I found myself behind my vice trying to make one very good looking fly like the one in the magazine.
I tried to follow the tutorial exept that I of some reason tied this one on a tube.

I have to admit that I was very suprised of the result,I think it looks great.
This is a pattern that I surely will tie a couple more.
Even if it not tied in hollow style I think it will work.

There´s couple of things that I noticed while tying:
-You need quality bucktail to this one,it has to be pretty long.
-Dont tie with kevlar yarn.The idea with this fly is to put more and more material on each bunch and the last bunch is so thick that the bucktail will slip under the yarn while tighten it,I think uni cord will be better,at least I will give it a try.
As a hook I have planned to use Simons favourite TMC 600sp Size 3/0.

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