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tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Jerk baits

Yesterday evening,I was home after a hard day at work when my brother called me and ask me to drop by at his work.
My brother is working as a teacher and in their school they have a classroom for woodwork so when you read the title you might guess what was on my mind....

Too bad we had not too much time to build many jerk baits but it was fun anyway.
I didn´t take many photos but here is some.

I had one jerk bait finished and two pieces is waiting for further treatment.
The ready bait with the green and orange flames was inspirating me to tie a fly with the same colour combo.
I wonder why I got much easier to find nice colours to lures then to flies.
Hopefully I get some inspiration to tie some Craft fur flies this week,I´ll think I´ve got those colours in stock.....

3 kommenttia:

  1. I don’t know much about jerk baits, but they do look nice, and it seems like a fun thing to do!

  2. Hi Stefaan.
    Yes,its fun to build them sometimes,just need to have patience (something that I´ll got very litte of :) ),it takes up to a week to build just one jerkbait with all that waiting for the paints and varnish to dry but when/if you succeed to build a "killermachine" it is very rewarding.

  3. Very goog work and very good jerk,
    I only go to fly fishing. Regards from Spain.
    David Romanillos