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sunnuntai 6. helmikuuta 2011

From small things to big things.

Does anyone remember the song From small things mama the big things come performed by Bruce Springsteen ?
Anyway thats what came into my mind this weekend.It all started when my friend asked me if I possible could tie some small tube flies to him,6-10 pieces?
Ok,no problem I answered and on friday after work I thought that this is the right time to tie them.

But the first problem started immediately,where the hell is my tube fly tools?do you see them?No,not me neither.

So,I looked for my tools a while before I get so pissed of with this mess and decided to make a massive spring clean before tying anything.
The first thing was to empty the table and then try to sort out my tying materials,
and there was a lot of it.
Remember I told you that I only got 4-5 colours of my favourite material Raccoon zonker,well I lied...I found 12 of them.

And also found a lot of rabbit zonker strips.There was two coloured,there was crosscutted strips.
Many of these was colours that I didn´t knew I had in stock.

And the number of flashbou materials then....Think I´ve gonna tie some flash flies before spring....

I was also a little bit suprised of the number of body materials,don´t need too much of them when you tying pike flies.My guess is that I have tought to tie something else,who knows.

Before I had sorted out some of my materials friday had turned to saturday and of course I had to go to work on saturday (flagging day in Finland)so after a 3 hour long night sleep it was time to go to work.Man it sucked.....

On saturday after work I just had to take a nap because otherwise I´m very irritated and that´s not funny for anyone...
After a couple hours of sleep and a pot of coffee I was ready to go on with my cleaning,but to be honest my inspiration was below zero but I decided to go on anyway.
Next step was to sort out my lures and flies and after several hours I found out that I dont have enough of room for everything so what now.

I decided to sort out the rest of my fly materials because I had still not founded my fuckin tube fly tools either.
A little interjection here,does my text sound like I´m pissed of??? At least I´m tired.

And finally guess what i found in a plastic bag with my fly hooks? Yes,correct,My tube tools.
The temptation to just start to tie those tube flies was big but no,may the cleaning continue,but OH NO,the clock is 12.30pm so let it continue on sunday.

On sunday I allready felt that I dont want to wake up at all but after I was almost ready the only option was to finish this case.
And after some hours,just before THE footballmatch between Chelsea and my favourite Liverpool started I was in a situation that I need about 10-15 tackleboxes to sort out rest of my equipments it was time to close this case and take a seat on the couch with a cold beer in my hand and enjoy the game,I´ll think I´ve earned it.


So,a small promise to tie some(5-10)small tube flies turned into a big case that took me the whole weekend(no offence)and still they are not tied....This week perhaps.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Djuza, you didn’t have to do this just because I said that I hadn’t seen much different material on your blog. :)
    But I know the feeling very well! I try to keep everything organised, but since I always want to work on different projects at the same time, it’s always a mess on (and around) my tying table. It does feel cosy though!

  2. OMG... You´re Liverpool fan. ManU rules. Djuza, we're going to have hard times, if we are fishing together ;-)

  3. Oh no Marko,Just coating our fan shirts with our wading jackets and it should work just fine :))).

    BTW,the result between Liv and Manu 6/3 ????
    Oh yes,now I remember,Pool won 3-1 or.... :D