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sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Fly VS Jerk

Today was the perfect day for the final fight for this year because I was with my brother Janne in Lovisa archipelago.
Janne is not a usual lure maniac,he love to fish jerkbaits,and especially with Hellhound baits,and I can guarantee he knows how to use them.

Both of us had a small hangover this morning so we wasn´t so early out on the sea but we had a couple of hours to sort it out who is the master of the fishers :)

The weather,sunny,-2 degrees,wind 6ms,watertemp 4.8 degrees,not the optimal conditions for fishing but at least the same for both of us.

First spot:This was planned for jerkfishing,almost 3 m deep,tricky wind blowing from my right side.Janne started with a yellow/red combo Hellhound.I had faith in black/silver combo.After a while Janne screamed:FISH ON,and it felt big.
After a minute he landed a small pike 1.8kg,it felt big because the hook was locked in the back of the pike,unbeliveable.

So,1-0 to jerkbaits.I had to make my move and the first thing was to change the colour....Looked at my brothers lure,ok it has to be orange/black Replot Stinger.
Not too long before it was my turn to scream FISH ON,My fly was in the mouth so I knew it was a small one:1.8kg too,well....1-1.


After the break we fished for a while by just enjoying the sunshine but suddenly when i was stripping the line I felt the familiar tug,and this time I felt it was a bigger one,and the mam was angry at me but this was a competition so I wasn´t to give up and after a couple of minutes I managed to land a pretty madam on 6.1kg and I took the lead in both size and number.God it felt goooooooood!!!!!

Usually I rather then take the weight use to just check the length but in these competitions we use the weight,and nothing else matter.

The second spot:This was ment to be the place were I was suppose to nail him and it started wery well,FISH ON for me with my second cast and it was 3-1 to flies,AND the biggest catch too,worth one point that too so far.
Then it happend again,I lost my concentration totally,When my brother had two pikes in a short time I started to change colour and pattern instead of fishing and a minute before time out Janne had a fish but he lost it.

The third and fourth spots didn´t work out for either of us so the final situation was 3-3 but my 6.1 kg was the biggest catch for today so flies were the better by 4-3 today.This was fun,hopefully there will be more competitions like these.

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