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perjantai 26. marraskuuta 2010

Season 2010 summary part II

Sorry that I havent wrote earlier but I have been very busy at work and also still feel it very shocking that my season ended all to soon.
Well at least I have good memories from the past season to remember like my 3 weeks at my cottage in Lovisa archipelago in the hottest summer I can remember.
My cottage is on a small islet and exept the weekends I was alone on the whole islet.
2-3 first days was just for relaxing and some small testing,also writted a little bit
Just to clear my head from everything that has to do with something called work.

Oh god,still remember the warm summer mornings,Walked with my camera and a cup of coffee on the shore,just enjoying the warm breeze,and the smell from the sea,listen to the common gulls,and things like that you know...

No hurry,even took my time to get my flyrod and other stuff with me,I love to get out with my float tube when the sun is shining even if there is no big possibility to get many fishes particulraly last summer when the watertemp was about 20 degrees in sea conditions.

This trip really cleared my mind and I enjoyed every minute of it.This trip was also a turning point in my "fishermans life" when I started to practise flyfishing for pike more seriously and after a week testing several rods and lines my casting technique was good enough that I dared go fishing without my spinncasting equipments.
After a several lost fishes I could finally land my first flyfished pike for the season,guess if I was pleased?

I really had a time of my life those three weeks fishing and testing lines and rods,and of course I tied some flies at evenings,nothing special with this BUT...I did these things with no hurry,I mean when you got a weekend you can`t test lines and rods,tie flies and enjoying the weather without hurry,everything must be solved before the weekend,in three weeks you can take your time to find out wich line suites to wich rod and things like that,sure you know what I mean.

There`s the rest of the summer and of course the whole autumn still unwrited so I guess there will be a part III of my 2010 season.
Feels so strange how many good memories there is when I seriously start to memorise my past season.
Thanks for reading,see you soon.Cheers.

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  1. It sure looks like a fantastic place to have a cottage and come to rest.
    One can feel the melancholy in your thoughts, by reading this. Nicely written!