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keskiviikko 17. marraskuuta 2010

Waiting for the weekend

So,there were no fishing last weekend and now I´m burning for the next weekend when I´m suppose to go to Särkisalo for some serious pikehunt,just start to get a little bit scary while watching the forecast,looks like there will not be trips in december anymore.
In Turku -5 degrees/6ms wind wich means it will be better to put enough with clothes on,hopefully there will not be snow.

Even if I didn´t fish last weekend I did something that has to do with fishing....
What could it be?Well it means I worked with my fly-tying corner.

I dont know why but when I have a hangover I work like a dog,I just cant sit still.
I just have to say that to assemble furnitures is NOT my favourite species,especially on a sunday morning,after some beers and long drinks I asked Jack Daniels to help me and after a couple of hours it started to look good.

At first my friend Jack really helped me but what further I came he tried to ruin my job,the parts suddenly didn´t fit,the parts disappeared but with my ruthless willpower I finished this part of the project and now it looks like this:

I have to admit that I´m proud of my accomplishment so far,also have to admit that after this my hangover had turned into drunkness and I decided to not work on this project for a while.
Now I´m looking forward for the weekend to fishing in good company.

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