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torstai 11. marraskuuta 2010

Not many trips left

20.11 I will travel to Särkisalo to meet two friends of my,and pikehunt will be the name of the game,before that I might go to Lovisa next sunday IF my hangover not ruin my plan.

After the trip to Särkisalo I think there will not be too many trips left for this year.
Just watched Simons blog and read about his 2010 stats,very impressive in my opinion.I just realized that I should also have wrote some stats but it´s too late for that now,well....next year a new try.

Feels a little bit wistful just to think that the season is soon over,also feels stupid to think the season is over when you still can fish.
Särkisalo trip will propably be some jerk or spincasting because we will be three persons in the boat and at least my casting technic is not good enough to that I can trust that the fly is not in someones ear or neck,anyway,these trips are more to meet friends then to take the fishing too seriously even if these guys are good fishers,they know the places and have catched big pikes this year so I woudn´t mind to catch a big one too.It would be a nice way to end this season...

Almost forgot,go and check Simon Grahams blog,there´s a competition going on where you can vin a Pikesaber flyrod.

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  1. One day the ice covers my favourite places,then the next day its gone......I could fish but I think I've had my fun for this season. Thanks for the plug Djuza.

  2. I also hope I could some times end my season with good memories.
    It feel shit to end the season with a blank draw.
    See you at Go Expo?