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lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

Season 2010 summary part I.

Well,I guess it´s time to admit that season 2010 is over.Annoying a litte bit that I don´t made stats like Simon,it would have been nice to read them now not to mention what help they would have give me to the next season searching for pike.
That´s something to remember next year.

When I think of the past season I found out that there is many good memories to remember this winter.
First of all my thougts floats to a day 2 october when I was testing my new rod and reel.Had thrown hundreds of testing casts trying with diffrent lines,diffrent size of flies and suddenly,BANG...my new PB changed to 114cm/10.3 kg,my first and probably the last over 10 kg:s.

And to get my two daughters with me and fish.My younger daughter Maria is very experienced fisher due to her age (14 years)and has get some decent sized fishes allready but my older Daughter Nina (20 years old)was on her FIRST trip and I was lucky to get some Photos of her catching her first fish,a pearch not so big but,anyway,she looks pretty happy anyway and that´s the point,to enjoy.

It was fun to get the fish but to unhook it,well....it didn´t look so funny but it´s necessary to know how to do it,practice x 1000 and she can do it.

Then of course to take a photo of her posing with the giant.

Hmmm,maybe she need some practice in posing with the fish too.

The season opener with Lastu and Romo at Nokisenkoski in march,standing in a enormous snowfall and freezing the balls of you without getting any fishes and still enjoying it,unbeliveble.

And a meeting with a gang from Heittokalastus.info (R.I.P)at Kuusaa in Central Finland.
Also a blank draw trip,too little sleep,hot weather but oh so funny,Always good to meet friends.

The first fish for the season 13 May,remember how the pikes cast after cast followed anything I tried to feed them with and after many casts at last one of them was nice and agreed to be a part of a photo.

I just found out that there are so many good memores from this season that I decided to split them in two stories.
Part II will be released when I have returned from this shock that the season is over.

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  1. I’m looking forward to part 2, and thanks for following my blog. I will surely follow your adventures as well.