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torstai 27. lokakuuta 2016

From wiggle tails back to basics

It seems  like a eternity since I was fishing  even if it's only a week ago,knowing that season is coming to it's end makes me wanna spend time as much as I can out on water and I have set my sights on next Saturday.Weather conditions should be at least tolerable.

Things I've done whole week ??? Surprisingly tied flies of course.
Some of you might have noticed that I'm using pretty much wiggle tails which I think make a big difference especially now when water has cool down a lot and at the moment it's around 5-8 degrees Celsius,they got a seducing movement in slow retrieving and even in those long stops you need.

They come in so many sizes but I have mostly used them in Jumbo Slim size,fits perfect for my fishing.

I've used to fish these tails with tube flies but have earlier tried them even on ordinary flies too,mostly on articulated flies with very good results.
Articulated flies are heavy to cast in a long run and I also wanna be well prepared so I have made some tail attachment on smaller flies too.

All these articulated flies have worked so well,has gave me a good amount of fishes but like we all know Pikes can be picky too and one thing that works sometime is to downsize the fly and that's what I looking for in these flies for.

For some reason I actually got high hopes on these smaller buggers with wiggle tails,hopefully I will be able to fish them on forthcoming weekend.

While tying these different patterns I have started to think if it's clever or not to tie so many different patterns.
Would it be better to concentrate on less patterns and maybe do some small variations on them for different conditions ?
While thinking of it I watched an "old" video of Niklaus Bauer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pqC_fpxUpM&index=19&list=PLnDj4GODT_QrG3eWa8wcZtGJEngUonEnP 
For you who doesn't understand Swedish it's about "how to tie an pikefly" Don't know why but it felt kinda therapeutic and relaxing to get back to basics,no need to try to improve with exotic and fancy solutions or materials  all the time.
Tied couple of new tubes too even if I got hundred of them,I tied them just for fun.

These big tubes work best in springtime just after spawning and in late Autumn just before ice so they will soon be introduced to some big fat slimy Mam's,
My next post is hopefully about fishing,fingers crossed mother nature allow me to go out getting some experience to write about.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hei!

    Onko sulla videokuvaa laittaa noistai jumbo slim häntien uinnista? Ruvennut nuo wiggle tailssit kiinnostaan, mutta tuo koko mietityttää. Ajattelin xxl ja xl häntiä mutta mahtavat näyttää pieniltä 20 senttisen Perhon perässä.

    1. Ei valitettavasti ole vielä,täytyy ottaa kun on sopiva keli ja suht kirkasta vettä.Muistelisin että jollain mun videolla olisi xxl tailin uinnista kuvaa,kyllä se mielestäni näyttää ihan ookoolta,se kuitenkin vedossa venyy melkoisesti,olikohan liki kymmeneen senttiin :)

    2. Ei anna linkittää tähän kommentti osioon mutta Youtubessa mun kanavalta kun löydät "fishing 14 4 2015" niin kohdassa 2.06 on lyhyt pätkä xxl hännän uinnista