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perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.29 Season end ?

Haven't update anything from my last session out....It's all because an slight depression sneakin into my mind and kinda paralyzed me.
This is all because of that winter hit southern parts of Finland like some bloody sniper.

Last Saturday when I was out (Oct.29) there was some signs what we gonna get in form of sleet and wind and temps just a bit above zero.
Now while writing this we got -3 to -6 degrees and 10 cm:s snow and forecasts promise more snow and cold for forthcoming weeks so I really fear my season could be over already without more warnings.
This same shit happen every single year and still it's so hard to handle,this year seem to be harder than usually...
But hey,enough naggin now and back to business.

Wasn't expecting much when I arrived to the shore,very hard wind and for a short moment I was wondering if I should have change location to be able to fish some shelter areas  but for some stupid reason I decided to not do so.
After 200 meter paddling I knew I would not be able to paddle to my ordinary spots and that my way back would be a though task to do so I had no other choice than to use my "pit stop spot" as a main target.
Water level was at normal for a change but it was very murky so I was very surprised that I landed a fish already on my second cast,a small bugger but a welcomed one.

Fished a long time before next fish,dropped a couple too,Pikes took the fly very gently and I was freezing so my focus wasn't on highest level.

fishable area was small and all that reed lying on the surface made it even smaller,I really wasn't at my best mood,decided to try out my new ties,overall,Wiggle tails worked best even today.

Also bright UV colors were most popular among pikes today just like this biggest of the day catch.

Fished for a couple of hours without anything special to report and I was freezing a lot now so I decided to start paddle back against a very strong wind and a if possible even stronger current.
I was exhausted when I arrived back to shore,a trolling motor is high on my wish list for the next season.
Living some tiny small hopes of going out before every bay is ice covered but to be honest,I got no high hopes on that but there are some interesting things coming up soon so stay tuned,

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