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sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.20 2016

Had me a four days off from work and had big plans to fish like I never done before but unfortunately mother nature stepped in and said no,no...
Our weather conditions has been a big pain in the hole the last weeks,hard winds,low water level etc,etc.
So,it's my last day off and I have been out once...yes....once,and even that on my first day off,Thursday.
On Thursday conditions was pretty good except the water level which was steady on -60 cm which is a lot because were I use to fish,it's not more than max 2,2 meter water normally.
Conditions isn't something any of us can change so I just had to adjust my own fishing with lines and flies.
Used a Airflo Elbi line with a intermediate head and floating running line to not get snagged all the time and ordinary flies in deeper areas and changed to tube flies on shallow parts.Shallow mean normally 1 to 1.5 meter but now 60 to 80 cm of water.
Forecasts had promised a moderate wind of 2-4 m/s and cloudy so I also had in mind to check out a new place to launch my kayak,much closer to the hot spots.
Went out much later than I use to do but hey,I got four days off so why hurry,didn't know I wasn't able to go out those three days...

While paddling to the hot spots I saw a lot of baitfish at surface so even if I hadn't high hopes I felt slightly hopeful to catch something.
When I arrived to the first spot and threw the anchor I noticed there was about 50 cm water,oh gosh...
Tried couple of casts with a traditional articulated hook fly but snagged so often I decided to continue with tube flies and not long before I landed my first for the day.
Fished only outer edge of the reed bank because in among the reeds there were only 30 cm of water.

Funniest catch was a small jack that took a bite of the wire between the hooks and refused to let go so I had to "release" him even if he only had need to open his mouth to get loose.

Felt a bit lazy so I weighed the options,to stay here or to paddle further but have to paddle back against the wind.
Decided to go further even if clock was ticking and I didn't have any faith in my fishing at all,but second cast and I landed a good fighter,not big but fun.

Fished a while and damn,pikes were really feeding but their takes were soooo smooth you barely felt the hit,dropped a lot of fishes before I landed next one.
Don't know why but played around with different flies and found a tube fly I tied on a course with Niklaus Bauer at Spey Clave long time ago and believe it or not but I had never fished with it before,decided to give it a go,oh man this fly was big but surprisingly easy to cast,very pleased with it.

It also had a awesome movement in water,don't know if that made the difference or what but I started to catch fish after fish,well...dropped some too but overall it went better,landed a slightly better too,not a monster this either but after those 2-3 kilos fishes this was a nice surprise.

Fishing is usually good in autumn but unfortunately days are also shorter.
Had about 6 km to paddle so I decided that it was better to start paddling back before it gets dark.

As I wrote earlier I didn't knew winds would get stronger a day later so I had big plans including high hopes for the forthcoming days but winds up to 18 m/s and a water level which has dropped to -75 cm has kept me on the shore tying flies which I will write a new post about.

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