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torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.8-9 2016

Even if the wind was insane the need for fishing took a clear win of a tempting choice to stay home in a warm bed.
Weather conditions or shall we say wind conditions wasn't optimal for a fly fisher using a kayak,12-18 m/s combined with a water level at -65 cm was a hard task to beat and most of all it forced me to think outside the box and fish on different spots than usual.
Decided to fish deeper areas,2-4 m sounded good imo and now it was time to put the "Bottom crawlers" in real test.

Fishing those deeper banks in middle of nowhere is boring..until something happen.
I often have to wait long...Cast after cast without any hits but today my patience was going to be rewarded.A heavy hit and after a minute or so I managed to land a better sized Ma'm.
Shame my GoPro cam refused to co-operate but managed to get one decent pic anyway.

Landed only smaller fishes after that,also the wind drove me crazy,too hard to fish so I decided to go back home to see if there was to be less wind next day.

Next day I wasn't excited at all,don't know why...but after some coffee and sandwiches I finally managed to drag my ass out.
forecasts promised slightly less wind and also water level had rise a bit and was -30 cm now,so still very low water.
Day wasn't to start well,woke up early but had a long breakfast and left home about 7 am.
Noticed I was running out of gas and decided to refill before fishing but remember I forgot my wallet at home,FUCK !!!!
Got so many friends and relatives living in the area so I wasn't too worried how get home so I just drove to the shore and launched my yak without problems and started to paddle out.
15 minutes later I arrived to my first spot and not many casts before i had my first fish landed,a jack but game was on.

Couple of casts later I managed to land a slightly better fish and thought I could take a pose pic with a camera of this one but could not find any of my cameras...had forgot them on the front seat in my car.
I had my phone so I could take pics but quality is shitty,FUCK,FUCK !!!

Felt it was time to paddle on,just 2-300 meter further were  i had pretty good fishing but only in numbers.
Then it happen again,had a small jack chin gripped and was just to release him when he rushed away and caused a nasty deep cut on my fingertip,no problems because I do got a first aid kit BUT could find only blisters which wasn't any help at all,wet fingers and heavy bleeding...

It kept bleeding and bleeding and soon I started to feel a bit weak..and hungry,hey,I got a lunch bag with me but forgot it too in the car....
Fished for a while and had pretty good fishing,15-20 landed fishes so it was time to paddle back to the shore where I had a n appointment with my brother and his wife who kindly lend me some money so I could buy some gas.
My yak looked like someone has been slaughtered in it so it need a rinse.

Have to say it was a action-packed day with some adversity too but it all ended up well and I can't wait to get out again.

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