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keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Filling boxes between trips.

Funny but true,when fishing is good corollary activities feels better too,like fly tying and blog updates.....

Find it sometimes so hard to get motivated for fly tying but lately I have in fact been very productive.

This color combo has been outstanding on my two latest trips and they both have been destroyed on their first day in use.
A bit boring to tie same shit over and over again but what can I do,if they like it I try to give them what they want.
So,here's one more in almost same colors.

I said almost same colors,i just had to add some new??? holographic brown flash from Hedron to the head on this,blended with some holo olive flash.

Tied a completely new pattern to me too,it was inspired of  Niklaus Bauer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-krKG683-qE  Burbot.

Had a special place in mind for these "Bottom crawlers" and actually I fished with them on that place last weekend but without results.I still gonna continue to test them,got a good feeling of them,thought they would have been a pain in the ass to cast but actually they wasn't that hard at all.

And just to avoid to be bored I tied some more traditional ties too,after ties above these kinda flies are  almost easy to tie.

These "normal" 17 cm sized flies looks so tiny in water after those +35 cm articulated flies with a jumbo slim Wiggle tail,but both sizes have worked fine for me,some days bigger is better and some days smaller are killers so good to be prepared.
Finally a Beast fly which in this color has been probably my most productive  fly this season,think I have tied at least ten of this color combo already.

Almost forgot one fly that I had sky high hopes for but which was a disappointment.
Thought this small fly could have imitated a bleak or any baitfish pikes are feeding of close to surface.
I really gave time on good spots to it but not a single hit on it last trip,maybe will give it another go

Boxes are filled again for the next trip which will be next weekend,hopefully wind will calm down a bit before that and also I would not mind if water level was to rise about 50 cm,it's so low at the moment I need to fish another area if it's gonna stay this low,three or four days to go.

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