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maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.15 2016

Perfect weather conditions have been very rare lately,just like last Saturday,we came close with not too much wind and clouds but a water level of -60 cm forced me to carefully think about the area were to fish.
I could have choose a lake but for some reason I love sea conditions and after I had changed my mind couple of times I ended up on a place were there's some deeper spots too.
Had no high hopes here,very rare to catch big here but at least there would be some water to fish from.
I wasn't fishing alone today,had a team member from Wildy Fishing Finland with me and one more was expected to meet us later on.
It was pitch black when  we arrived to the shore which was good because we had time to paddle to first spot and be able to fish just before "sunrise" 
Fishing started just as slow as I expected,don't know why but I felt a bit annoyed of it,In summer and warm weather I can take some slow fishing but when it's cold and windy I don't enjoy to be out that much just for fun,I wanna catch.
Don't know how long it took but surely too long before I had a dance partner at the other end of line,at least it was a decent sized but for some reason it did not wipe away my irritation 

After this fish it was slow for a long time,we saw a lot of boats cruisin around lookin for fishes  they too,I'm more for systematic fishing than running from spot to spot like a headless chicken.

Anyway,my fingers were frozen and also overall it was cold so time to take a break in form of coffee and some sandwiches.
More important was to change dry gloves.
Have noticed that thin rubber gloves combined with gloves of wool is a combo far better than all fancy super technology gloves...at least imo.

Not long before I manged to land my second fish of the day.

Before I managed to land this one I had dropped a lot of fishes,same shit continued whole day.
Think I dropped six in a row before landed next.

All takes was so tiny you barely noticed them and both of my friends also dropped a lot.
Eleven hours and maybe ten pikes....I was cold,I was exhausted,I was hungry so I had hopes of a better reward but you know...pikes doesn't always co-operate.

My new Black'n'gold articulated fly and two of my articulated with sculpin heads were most in use of this day so no surprise they delivered most fishes too.
Now I'm gonna tie up some new ideas in a hurry because as it looks now I probably hit the water next Thursday already.
Hopefully water level is more normal then,fingers crossed...

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