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maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

Artic fishing 22.11 2014

My planned weekend trip with my kayak went a bit different due to a heavy snowfall on Friday evening.
First snow this year and we got about 10 cm at one time.
But as you know,the need for piking beats common sense I found myself at shore early in the morning emptying my Big Rig from snow and dressing me up in some warm clothes for some action out on water.

It didn't take me too long to get out on water among all snow and ice.
It may sound silly to go out in these conditions but I have to say that I really enjoy being out on days like these,no boats or other kind of noise,some peaceful vibes here.

Well it's cool to calm down after a week at work but hey,I'm here for the fishes so better to chuck some fluff before it gets too cold.

What a awesome start,eight casts and four landed pikes,seem to be a nice day at office.
While releasing my fourth fish my hookouts broke and had to get a long with my pliers until my friends were to arrive with a boat.

Even if it was a nice start and I was very tempted to continue I couldn't do so without my hookouts so thought it was a good time to take a break,drinking some non-alcoholic mulled wine which suit perfect in weather like this.

Felt kinda therapeutic to sit on a rock and listening to the silence and enjoy all surroundings which ended in some noise I recognized  to a well known boat,my new hookouts had arrived.
Had a quick talk with my friends before I decided to continue fishing.

This time of the year days are awfully short and at three pm I had to paddle back to the shore and pack my stuff before it would turn to pitch black.
Stopped at some spots on my way back and managed to land some decent fishes on my way back.

It was getting colder now and saw some ice close to the shores but "my" shore was still open so I had no problems getting to land,only issues was my frozen feet and especially my fingers.

Hard to do anything with no sense in your fingertips.

I also made a quick small video of todays fishing which you can see -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PQju-PfigA

But if I sum up this day except from frozen fingertips I got some fresh air,some workout in paddling through that pud,15 landed pikes and some time for myself in our stunning archipelago so if you ask me was it worth it my answer would be YES !!!! After all,I'm a piker to the bone :)

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