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torstai 6. marraskuuta 2014

Fly tying.

Some new flies tied again so I thought it could be time for a new post to show them to you.


This color combo has delivered most fish to me with a huge margin to others,no doubt about that
At sometime I didn't even used other colors,just because they were not needed.
The original pattern was actually Black'n'white with a dash of red in it but through years it has turned to look more or less like the one on photo above.
This one is tied in three sections.

-Tail.Is tied with grey bucktail to give some volume,covered with a mix of Hedron magnum flash in holo silver,mirage and opal colors.Also added some lateral scale in silver.
Not wrong to add some  hackle feathers  if you feel to.

-Body.Is tied in a loop using Hedrons normal flash in holo black,holo silver and mirror image.

-Head.Is tied of Foxy tails Optic fibre. As you can see there's a shimmer of blue in it which give it a nice herring look


Copper is a color I have used usually combined with orange or white or if I tie a black head at least I add some other colors on it but this one was especially tied for the JKFO event in Blekinge in Sweden where all recommended dark colors so I choose to tie a black head instead without too much fancy stuff added.
This one is also tied in three sections.

-Tail.Is tied with bucktail in rootbear brown color,Big fly fibre in copper color and Magnum flash in copper and orange colors.

-Body.Is tied of a flash mix using holo black,dark gold and copper colors,all tied in a loop.
Also Added some ostrich herls in brown color,use to give a nice movement,especially in retrieve stops.

-Head.Is tied of optic fibre in forrest green color.


Had heard of it often but because green had not been that productive color it therefore was not used too often.
But after Fly VS Jerk movies where Niklaus Bauer used it and also praised it I just one day decided that I'm gonna fish with a green/gold until I land a fish,well,not many casts before mission was completed and after that green'n'gold has been a well trusted color in my box,it has even made my day couple of times.
The one above is not a "traditional"one because of the head but can be classified as a Green'n'gold anyway.It's tied in three sections like most of my flies so far.

-Tail.Is tied Traditionally with bucktail in tan color,added magnum flash mixed of gold and orange colors.

-Body.Is tied surprisingly of normal flash mixed holo and dark green,also a dash of gold too,in a loop of course.

-Head.is made of a dubbing material called Senyo's laser dubbing in hot orange color.


Another tie inspired of Niklaus Bauers flies.
Remember years ago when I first started to use olive colors in my flies,of some reason I loved it even if it was the time of black'n'silver so even if I tied with olive I didn't used so  much.
At some times Olive'n'Red worked nice,not in numbers but usually better sized fishes were landed with that combo.
Even if I had not tried to imitate any special specimen with this kinda flies I still use to fish with it on places where i  know there's lot of breams.Where's breams there's often big pikes which might be the reason I use to tie these flies very big 35-45 cm.
Because of the big size I use to tie these flies in two sections.

-Tail.Is tied of bucktail in olive color covered with some magnum flash in holo gold,holo silver and just a couple of green strands too.
On top of tat I have added some Ostrich herls in olive and some krinkle flash in opal color,lateral scale can also be used.

-Head.Is tied of craft fur in cream color tied in a loop.

Need to mention about the eyes,Flydressing 16 mm eyes suit these "megaflies" very nice in my opinion.

While writing this post I have got new inspiration from my friends awesome looking flies which worked fine in Blekinge and I'm up to tie up something totally new kind of flies which will be tested forthcoming Saturday,Will soon add photos and experiences of them so stay tuned :)

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