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perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2014

Fishing 15/11 2014

For once I was out in time,for first time since...I don't remember,out at sea about 8.30 am in some kind of dawn,gloomy conditions.
Wind from east 3-5 m/s,cloudy and cold was the name of the game,don't know the water temp but it was cold,perfect weather...

I was out with two friends of mine,I was with kayak and my friends with boat.
We still decided to fish pretty much same spots except the first one,too rocky for a boat with a water level of -35 cm.
Had no expectations at all,just nice to be out a bit.Not many casts before there was somebody nibbling my fly but didn't hooked himself.
couple of casts later ,same story.
Seemed to be small jacks on the run today so I changed to a smaller fly and not long before I had my first fish in the yak.

These small buggers was feeding a lot more than a month ago and it was fun to have some action now and then and a quick phone call to the boat confirmed my thoughts,they had also some action which was nice to hear.
After some time we met at a long reed bank which has been pretty good lately and the same thing happen even today.

We fished for some time,got some jacks now and then but suddenly my friend on the boat had a big hit on his fly and as soon when we saw it we knew that his old PB 102 cm should be history if he managed to land this monster.
About ten minutes later he had a big mom in the net and if you haven't seen a happy man then take a look at these photos and you can see one.
I got some more photos from the trip but I think  the only proper way to end this post is to put up these photos and enjoy them,we fished for hours after that but you surely understand that our thoughts was in the past.

His new PB is now 115 cm/ 12.0 kg:s

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