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torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014

Fishing Nov.29-30.11 2014

Watching the weather I can't help the feeling that 2014 season is coming to an end.
That weekend was cold and snowy.On Saturday forecasts promised 1-2 m/s wind from NW but the truth was close to 10 m/s and NE.
That wind combined to some snowfall made it kinda extreme conditions for fishing but even if the water level was LOW (-45 cm) the fishes were still feeding which was a small surprise for me.
Had in mind do just some quick trip due to the weather but you know,need for fishing win over common sense so no wonder that I barely felt my legs and fingers when I came back to shore at twilight time.
Seven hours in that weather was tough but memories of ten-fifteen landed pikes warmed my soul a bit while driving home and a warm sauna and a Irish coffee was the right cure for fingertips and feet.

Later on sitting in my sofa in some kind of trans I woke up to the reality in form of a phone call from my kayaking friend asking me to come out on Sunday for a short trip,took me a long time (2 sec) to say yes and here we go again.

We went out pretty early next morning which this time was cold and totally calm and water level still low so once again my expectations wasn't too high.
-3 degrees and wet waders and gloves.....took also my mood down below zero but started soon to feel better and just minutes after that when I landed my first for the day I forgot my aching muscles and wet clothes.
Just as I thought Sunday was far more worse than Saturday,I landed four and dropped at least five,maybe six fishes.
And yes,had no sense in my fingers and toes at all when we arrived to the dock six hours later,
Still have to go out every time you can because two-three months forced rest isn't too far away when my worst nightmare comes in form of a ice blanket.
Gonna end this post with some photos and a short video clip I made and keep my fingers crossed I'm able to go out soon again.


And the clip I promised     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj2HGb1iLdk&feature=youtu.be

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