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sunnuntai 30. kesäkuuta 2013

Holiday plans.

So,holiday mode will be on for three weeks now and it will surely include a lot of fishing,paddling and explore some or shall we say one big area for forthcoming fishingtrips.
Usually there have been long evenings behind my vise but this year I have hardly tied anything at all because I really got flies more than enough.
The main focus has been on my kayak and fishing stuff so that fishing would be the only thing to concentrate on.
For fly fishing there hasn't been much new things,two lines,RIO Outbound short,a intermediate and a sink 6.
Two rod holders for fly rods to my kayak and that's all.
Rods,reels all in perfect condition so no need to upgrade here (it wasn't easy to not buy something ).

And as at least some of you know I use to do some spincasting too,mostly at summertime when pikes lying deeper in water or when the wind ruin fly fishing plans.
Spin casting is also a good (faster) way to explore new waters and with a echo sounder it's also very effective.
Moving with a boat  allow you to have almost anything you want with you but with a kayak with much less space you need to have only things you need with you and in good order too.
As I told you I bought rod holders for my fly rods because they are 9 ft long and difficult store anywhere else in my kayak but if I want spin cast rods with me too it would be a mess so I bought two Team Daiwa rods 14-56 gram lure weight,one 6 ft and one 7 ft long,much easier to handle then my old 8 and 9 ft rods.

So to my kayak which has been my main target for a while now.At midsummer I decided to do something for safety,so I installed a orange flag back on it.Hoping people with boat seeing me much before it's too late,haven't been any dangerous situations yet but you'll never know...

Also will be a light later on for Autumns twilight conditions.
And because I'm a C&R man into the bone but would like to have a nice memory of all big fishes I got and still remember the shitty pic from last weekends big guns I decided to install a camera stand I already got on my boat to get some good looking photo shootouts,cheap and easy to mount and do it's job for sure.

My plans for the forthcoming week is to paddle around in a big area and do some fishing too,not the best weather to do it but can't just wait for better conditions,they might not come soon.
It has been very warm here in Finland with temps nearly 30 C degrees and even water temps over 20 degrees has made me even to think of pearch fishing until the water cool down a bit but this area i planned to fish includes a lot of deeper water too so...we'll see what happen,really looking forward to next week.
Finally at least some late ties for summer fishing.

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