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perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

A day to remember.

Have to say that I've been lucky to do business with many companies from where I have left with a smile on my face,so even this time.
As I told you in my last post I was buying a kayak,a WS Commander 140.Luckily even if I live out in the country we still have a local Wilderness system dealer here http://www.bearwater.fi/ and I have to say that I have never ever been treated so  kindly at any shop,warmly recommend it.
got all advice I needed and tips how to start this hobby.

Bought it on Thursday  and today was the big test,and what a test it became to...
7.30 am at shore and after some struggling I managed to get down the kayak from the roof of my car in the water and after some packing I went out paddling,it sure looked funny.
after some training I was ready to go further out to do some fishing.
very soon I found out I need to pimp my kayak a bit if I wanted to enjoy fly fishing,my line was under the seat,under my foot.so i decided to go for lures today but I got some small plans how to customize this boat for fly fishing.
I did not have any kind of expectations because training to handle the kayak was my main mission today but,you know,out on the sea...of course there was to be some fishing too and right at the first spot on first cast I landed a small jack and after two or three cast a beauty round 85 cm:s.
It was crazy fishing,had hits many casts in a row and soon my softbaits looked like this :

I wasn't prepared for this kind of fishing so I didn't had much lures with me but found a Zam wobbler which I decided that has to do the job,and it did.
Landed several pikes before I thought it could be more useful to train to paddle so I moved on to next spot and started to fish again and even there I landed fish after fish.They were so aggressive and strong it was totally insane.
At some stage I noticed that my GoPro cam battery was empty and when I came home I found out why,once again I took a 45 min vid clip from inside my bag so no need to wonder why...
Anyway 7 pm I went back to shore and packed my stuff in my car and I was a happy man driving home.
total amount of 37 landed pikes and some dropped.
Biggest was measured to 104 cm,Two 98 cm and a lot around 80 to 90 cm:s made me forgot my last weekend disaster.
Still loading videos from my GoPro.Hope to see any of the big guns,anyway,here's at least one ready:

And some photos from southern parts of Finland archipelago

This was a day to remember,hoping for days like this to come soon again.

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