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sunnuntai 23. kesäkuuta 2013

Midsummer trilogy

                                                           Day one 21/6

Went to the shore about 7 am and didn't like what I saw,sunny and a totally calm surface,this is not going to be a memorable day  in my fishing career.
Decided to spent the day to explore new waters for later one.Paddled slowly further out until I arrived to a range of rocks with a lot of reed around it,never fished here before but started to fish anyway with open mind.i just let my kayak drift and fished all the time but nobody home here,arrived to a small islet were my echo sounder told me about a depth of 6.8 m,also saw some symbols on it in less than two meter down.

Second cast and BANG ! Fish on,a really strong one too,it took me a while to even get an eye contact with it,a nice one close to 100 cm,
after some minutes the fish was ready to surrender and I got it close to my kayak and took it in a nice chin grip,just when I had it unhooked it shake it's head strongly And I decided to let it go before somebody get hurt.
Nice start for a day from which I didn't expected anything :)
Let the kayak drift along the shoreline of this small islet and landed two XS sized buggers.
Throw the anchor on a place outside the islet I thought looked fine but nobody home anymore.
took me a sandwich and some coffee before I lift the anchor and drifted through a narrow strait,had just passed the strait when I felt a heavy hit in form of a slightly better sized fish,not a giant but...anyway :)

Let the kayak drift close to a large shoal and of some reason I decided to try my luck here also.
Not much to tell you about at this spot,took some pics anyway.

While fishing I figured out my next move and very close to where I was now was a strait were a friend of mine landed a nice 13 kilo fish years ago and telling every now and then about landed fishes from that place.
I have fished there many times but not lately because I have not landed a single fish there never ever.
Because I had act like a explorer all day with good results so why not continue with it,into the strait and start fishing in a nice sunshine,after about 10-15 minutes I destroyed the curse of this place by landing my first fish from this spot,not a big one but man it felt good,have probably never  fished a spot for so long without a landed fish before.
Time to go ashore and have a real break with something to bite  and coffee of course.
Paddled to the other side of the island where I knew there would be a good place to take my break.

The clock was ticking and I had some other duties to take care of too so next step was to paddle back and fishing some spots too on my way back.Landed some fishes now and then and was in a really good mood when I arrived to the shore,felt totally relaxed,this is what it's all about .


                                                               Day two 22/6.

Woke up 6.15 am still in good mood from yesterday but a quick look out the window and WTF.....
Forecasts promised nice sunny weather with a wind max 7 m/s and without any knowledge they have I saw it was closer to 15 m/s and a heavy rain falling down....Thank's a lot fuckin twats....
Tried to call a friend who lives near the place I had in mind for this days fishing but cause of the early morning I wasn't surprised nobody answered.
Coffee...more coffee and some sandwiches too while stearing out from the window and looking on that fuckin rain
Decided to drive that almost 100 km anyway,what else could I do.Had drove for 30 km:s when my friend called me and confirmed my suspicions: to much wind for a kayak,but I already had a plan B.

Took of the main road to a smaller road with a intention to find different places to launch my kayak and of course take some photos of our Finnish landscapes.
Cleared both missions,in fact I found a superb place to launch my kayak without I have to paddle to the end of the world to get to some hot fishing spots,this place looked so nice I think that if weather is fine I will try this thing out already next week,but hey...the photos I promised.

Day 3 23/6 Final fight.

Had a late dinner(including alcohol) with my oldest daughter as a visiting star yesterday so no way I could be 7 am on water but 10 am I was,had a small hangover so I decided not to go for a marathon paddling today.
A nice warm sunny day with a small breeze made me soon forgot my headache and tiredness,slowly paddling to a well known place close to the dock,I don't know why but I had a good feeling about this even if the weather wasn't best possible for pike hunt.
The area I had decided to fish today was formed like a U letter with some reed at the edges and water plants in the middle of it.Water depth around 2 meters and 5-12 meters outside the bay.Also including some range of rocks both inside and right outside it too,a very nice varied spot.
Started to fish a bit outside round the rocks and with my third cast I had the first bugger landed,the wind was pushing water into that bay so I had a feeling there could be more and hopefully bigger pikes but still decided to fish precisely the whole area instead of rushing in.

When I came inside this bay there was so much water plants that a Spinnerbait was the only thing that you had a chance to do some clean runs with and with no reed on the hooks I also got some fishes.

I drifted deeper and deeper into the bay and suddenly about 3 meter from the kayak a train attacked my lure and in a second it was 30 meters away,I knew it was a better sized fish this time,I had this feeling ever since I woke up.
The pike was strong and aggressive too and it took me almost fifteen minutes to get it close enough to get a chingrip,and when it finally came it rolled around,it was totally exhausted,FUCK !!!!
Quickly got it unhooked and just snapped at least some photos before I returned it to were a beauty like this belong.After two,maybe three minutes resuscitation I felt it went stronger and stronger and soon it disappeared in a huge cascade of water,oh man it felt good...no...fantastic...

As I thought the photos was shitty quality but at least I got some memories of this battle.

At this stage I had a deja vu feeling,not caused by the fish but a quick peek at my hand made me get the "oh no,not again " feeling.

This time I decided not to stop fishing,Wearing a first aid kit always with me when I'm fishing but after a hour or so the bleeding didn't stop and I was happy with this feeling I had so why not take a slow paddle back to the dock and pack your car and end this midsummer trilogy the best possible way.

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