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sunnuntai 2. kesäkuuta 2013

Some changes in sight

First of all and once again sorry for no posts lately,it doesn't mean I haven't been fishing,oh yes I have done that but there hasn't been anything revolutionary to write about except last weekends fishing which was the most bitter blank draw I ever made.
On Saturday I was fishing with a friend of mine from floating tube in 10 hours and about 14 km:s and I didn't land a single fish while my friend had several landed and some dropped fishes too.
My friend fished with both spinrod and flyrod,I used only spinnerbaits.
Only thing for me to tell you about that day was that I lost 1.5 kg:s in weight,at least something positive here :)
Anyway,here's some photos from Saturday fishing.

Sunday was almost a humiliation for me.I was fishing with my brother and one of his friends.
I had in plans to go for flies but we were three guys in the boat and my brother already used flies so I decided to use spinnerbaits again.
We fished in a pretty heavy wind so I big expectations for this day.
Not long before I felt a familiar tug but only for a second so I'm not sure was it even a fish.
At the end of four hours fishing My brother landed several fishes,his friends too.....
The pay for my effort was at least 10 dropped fishes,couple of them aside of the boat but not a fuckin single landed fish at the whole weekend...nothing more to tell you about that weekend.....Couple of photos from Sunday too,including skippers second fly fished pike in his life.Good job.

As the title said there's going to be some changes in this blog,at least hopefully so.
I have thought about this change for a while now,from last Autumn to be exact.I noticed last autumn that I enjoyed very much fishing from floating tube,the reason why is the silence,and some kind of peace in mind.
I noticed that it wasn't only that I had a totally different perspective in my fishing,I also enjoyed to take some breaks on small islets on my way floating around,to have a sandwich and a cup of coffee and just looking at our beautiful landscapes in the southern archipelago.
Yes,it was so much more than just fishing,I just can't get that relaxed feeling fishing from a boat.

Anyway,floating tube is nice but it got some issues too,it's very slow,not that I'm in hurry but...you know what I mean.
Issue number two is that I can't get all my stuff with me,not even those things I feel would be necessary and often you need something that's left home or in my car.
Issue number three is that no matter what you wearing,in late Autumn and early spring it's cold at some stage and in that case,I don't enjoy what I'm doing.

After all winter study I decided to take floating to next level in form of a kayak.
It has more space,it's faster,it's warmer and it's easy enough to take with you on the roof of the car.
I'm living in a hope I'm gonna get it next week,can't hardly wait for it to arrive.
So if everything goes as I hope from that on I will not put up just fishing and fly tying pics,I have in plans to explore new waters also in form of lakes and rivers and put up some nice pics of our beautiful nature here in Finland with thousands lakes.

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