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torstai 13. kesäkuuta 2013

Commander feelings

Now some trips done with my new buddy and some thin opinions made about my kayak VS floating tube.Biggest advantage in my opinion is that you travel with your face forward,it really mean a lot to me.
Also you can have more stuff with you,food,reserve rods and reels ETC,ETC...
Stability is good but I feel that floating tube is slightly better in this point.to get your kayak or floating tube in right position has been a bit difficult for me but I have built an anchor system to my kayak so I think this problem should be solved,not my own solution,snapped it from different fishing forums and Youtube.

Also a Dashboard had to be added.

Last trip I stepped on one of my rods which broke (luckily I had two rods with me) and decided after that to add two rod holders for fly rods (they are too expensive to broke ) and soon I wanted a echo sounder too,today's situation looks like this.

I'm still in middle of mounting,still need to mount a battery,need to solve how it fit under the front panel.
and of course it needs a transducer too,got a plan to mount it under the bar you can see on the photo above.
Also made some temporary solutions like this.No hurry to solve this out :)

Tomorrow it's Friday but still living in a hope that I will be able to test everything on Sunday,Saturday it will probably be boat fishing IF the forecast promise of a wind 12-15 m/s will hold true.

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