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tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing.

Last weekend I got me a reminder of the forthcoming winter in form of a short but heavy snowfall while I was out at sea,it makes me feel a bit melancholy to know that my fishing will be over for at least four months.

To avoid the total nervous breakdown it´s good to dream about some plans bout next season and that´s what I was doing already standing in a rocking boat with blue/red fingers tryin to get my fly out to some decent distance trying to catch some pikes.
Also gave me some thoughts about this seasons fishing and what will be different next year.
But hey,why am I talkin like this will be the last trip for this season? It´s definately not,found out to do something new for me to this season too.

I found out this thing by a mistake,was fishing on my usual spots but the wind was so heavy that I didn´t enjoyed my fishing at all and after my hundered mess on my line I decided to find a calm place to fish even if I don´t get any fishes.

Arrived to a pretty big but calm shaltered bay with very shallow water too,water depth only two to three feet with many "islets" of weed made me feel like I was in some kind of labyrint.
Also noticed that the water temp was warmer here than the other places I had fished today and sonar showed me a temp of 11.5 degrees (celsius).

The weather had made a total change too from this:

To this:

So no need to wonder why I felt good,of some reason I had a good feeling about this place too,many places for the pikes to hide,nice small pockets to cast your fly in.
Cause of the waterdepth I changed my line to a floating model (praise for the cassette reels)and as a fly I decided to use a Sheephead pattern in White/Silver which swimmed just under the surface.
Already after some casts I found evidence that here´s swimming some pikes.
In the middle of retriving the line the surface suddenly exploded in massive cascades when a Pike attacked from nowhere,I almost shitted my pants,before I even understand what happend the fish was gone,FUCK,this is fun,need to be 110% focused here,otherwise there will be no landed fishes today.After some minutes without any hits I decided to lift the anchor and let the boat drift a bit and meanwhile I changed the fly to a Orange/Black with silver tail which delivered with my first cast.
It felt awsome to see your fly coming close to the surface leaving small waves on it and then see the waves coming from some bed of weed closing in to your fly and BANG,even if you see it,know it,s coming the adrenalin kick is amazing.

Fished here for the rest of the day and finally I found the joy I have looking for almost the whole season.This was really fun even without any big guns,of course they would have been welcome but wasn´t the main factor here.

This place was awsome but would have been outstanding to get here with a floating tube.You could not study the whole place with a big boat,didn´t wanted to hit a rock anymore this season.
And some popperflies will be tied before next weekend too.Here´s the first one.

And finally some pics of the wonderful place which I hope will be more examined next weekend.

As you maybe noticed I didn´t mentioned how many Pikes I landed,no,that´s true,it´s because it wasn´t the point,I landed a few,I dropped a few but most important for me,I enjoyed every minute of my fishing.

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