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sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing 20.10 2012 and new ties.

So,the weekend came and went.i was out fishing in very calm wind,warm cloudy weather but one thing that made the biggest challenge was to find "clean" water.
At most of my spots the water was so muddy you could not see the fly from maybe eight inches distance but after some driving around I managed to find a spot with with some clear water,not crystal clear but clear so why not start here,the surface was like a mirror no movement at all the whole nature felt so quiet and calm this morning,I just love mornings like this,even if there´s more challenge to get any fishes but not long before I felt a familiar tug,I knew immediately it was a very small jack at the other end of my line,after 20 seconds I landed a monster of maybe fifteen inches long but the game was on.

I fished with a slow sink line and a fly that swim just under the surface so I saw the fly almost from the beginning of retrieving to the end and after some time just washing the line I saw a small wave separates from the reed closing in to my fly quickly and following it from a inch away,made a loooooooong stop ten feet from the boat,the pike was staring at my fly....a moment that felt like a eternity,a tiny little strip of the line and BANG,there we go,the second for the day.Man I enjoyed,even if even this was small one.

Both fishes was caught with a Pink/chartreuse colored fly tied on a Sakuma Manta 546 6/0 hook.

Something happened after this,many follows but not a single hit.so I decided to let the fishes rest for a while and enjoy a cup of warm coffee and a sandwich.

While I enjoyed my coffee I wondered what to do next,to get the small jacks interested in my flies and thought of a solution to go down in size and chose a small maybe five inches long fly tied also on a Sakuma 546 6/0.

Not a perfect solution,landed one fish more and decided to take a look at the new place I wrote about in my last post.

Drove slowly there,no need to hurry,I was in a good mood.
The water there was like the coffee with milk I just drink,had no big hopes this time at this spot,but decided to give it a try anyway.
If the pikes cant see your fly then make it noticed in other ways,this was a test of my new popper fly I tied just for this place in mind.
Not a big success this either,so I changed it to a gold/green flashfly and after an hours fishing I had landed two more fishes XS sized these also I decided to go for some clear water again and while I was driving in to sheltered bay I saw a well known boat with four also well known fishermen in it.My brother and three friends with him.They have had no luck and landed only one fish at the whole morning,my brother had dropped a big gun just minutes before my arriving.

Anyway,water was clear so far but the wind pushed more and more mud into this bay so without any contacts I decided to give up and try one or two more spots,and not much to tell you about them,landed just one fish at the last place,a small one even this,the biggest issue right now was and still is the battery which is on it´s way to break down,have to see if it has to be fixed before this season is over.In that case there will be more float tube sessions at the end of the season.

And then some new ties here show you,have so much inspiration and ideas now.

and the same fly after swim school,gonna write more about the difference between dry and wet flies.

That´s all for now.Tight lines to all of you who´s gonna go fishing in the middle of the week.

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