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keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

Preparing for the weekend.

Looking at forecasts now is kinda pain in the ass,next weekend is going to be cold,and it looks like my season will be over soon.
One thing is for sure,My fishing from boat is over for this season which leave me fishing from a float tube,nothing wrong with that,I have not much experience about it but looking forward to take a go in it.
The reason why I´ll have to interrupt my boat season is simply that it needs a massive maintenance and a even bigger repair and a lot of new parts and at least all you boat owners know that it´s very expensive so my decision was to start right now and do things in a long run so it will be in perfect condition when spring season starts.

So now I have woke late nights reading about fishing from a floating tube.
Don´t get me wrong I have fished from a tube but it has always been on warm summer evenings with waders and a T-shirt and of course a life jacket.
This time it will be different,water temps lying around 10 degrees while writing this post but very cold nights for the rest of the week will surely take away couple of degrees before weekend so we talking about totally different conditions and because the season coming to it´s end I wanna enjoy of it as much as possible so some investments was necessary and the most important for me was a immersion suit,have been playing enough now with life jackets and warm clothes so yesterday I became a owner to a Palm Cascade suit and Palm Shoot water shoes.

Only one thing I really wanna buy is a GoPro camera but will see if that happen before next weekend,not so necessary.

Also need to dig all my floating and intermediate lines from their boxes and put them on my reels and spare spools.

So pretty much ready for the weekend,high hopes I have to admit,have also drove around looking for some nice places like this.

Have also some other places in mind if this won´t be as good as it look.

And of course there has been some fly tying too,hopefully this inspiration hold on for the winter too :)

So,not much more at the moment to write about but hopefully there will be something worth telling you about after next weekend,at least there will be a lot of fishing.

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  1. After seeing those nurses from a while back, I understand you want to dress a bit similar to make a good impression, but believe me man, it’s not sexy! It does look safe and comfortable though.

  2. Hi Stefaan.It should be safe but it´s far from comfortable,it feel like someone strangling and yes u are right,not sexy either,I looking like a commander from a spaceship :)