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keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Weekend fishing and some ties.

Sorry for not writing earlier about last weekend fishings but there has been lot of things to do so that´s why.
Anway,last Saturday I woke up about 4.30 am as usual,had no plans to go fishing cause my beloved forecast mothafucka promised me some tough wind with flurrys up 19 m/s including heavy rain showers,so that´s the reason I decided to stay at home tying some flies,watch some movies ETC,ETC.

Dragged my ass to the kitchen and while I was start to make some coffee I looked out from the window....WTF...I saw a clearblue sky,sun was shining and looking at the leaves in the tree I also noticed a calm wind....Hell yeah,wanna go fishing.
I´m in a lucky situation because I don´t have to plan my fishing days before,I just go whenever I want to.

So after I had my breakfast I quickly grabbed me some necessary stuff in a bag,put on some warm clothes and went out.I had some mentions to fish from my floating tube but as soon I step out from my door I changeed my plans,it was freezing cold.
Looks like we going for a early winter this year...

Didn´t even remember how much I hate this shit =D.

After som scratchin I finally managed to get drivin and while drivin I still cant be without thinking of our forecasts
Here is a pic of rainy,cloudy and windy day,or a morning to be correct.

As i told you It was meant to be Fishing from a floating tube but there was a last minute plan change,went out with my brothers boat instead in a nice sunny autumn morning feeling just great.At autumn I dont´t bother about the sun or calm wind,the pikes seems to be feeding anyway,so even this morning.

Not many casts before the first one attacked my Black/silver flash fly and a minute later I released the first one.

Landed some fishes now and then,my new flies worked just fine,especilly the black/silver flash was awsome.
My "Rooster" fly was good too,so soft and nice movement in water.

Water temp was between twelve and thirteen degrees and in those temps even different variations in blue starts to deliver decent amounts of pikes,caught some pikes with this one too.

Of some reason I have tied more flies than usually this time of the year,should maybe save some inspiration to later times when we got a ice blanket on the sea,but hoping the inspiration continues.
Here is some of my latest ties.

Also ventured to try totie some of Niklaus Bauers Sheepheads which in my opinion isn´t so easy to tie even if Niklaus make it look like,anyway here is some of them.

There are more of them but don´t have any pics right now.

Finally one that was tied yesterday and have to admit that I´m very pleased with the result,love the shape of the fly,will be tested next weekend.

Sunday was very windy so there was just couple of hours fishing,decided to spend the rest of the day to clean my tying corner,now it will be nice to tie more flies again.

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