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keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2012

In front of some changes.

Was last weekend out fishing at my usual spots and like so many days before it was tough fishing.This time a big reason was the water,it was very muddy,you saw the fly no more then one feet.
So after a while we decided to go further out searching for some clear water and after some driving we finally found what we were looking for,clear water and pikes,
not alot of them but at least some now and then.

We fished for a couple of hours and soon we found us at some new places which was nice,nice because our ordinary places has been empty for some times now so in some strange way I like to check out new spots and readers who has been fishing with me know there is a lot of nice places.

Here´s some of the places we fished at last weekend.

And while writing this I have been confirmed of a new deck place for my boat so there will be to study new places more this year already starting next weekend.
Was yesterday checking out the boat place,forgot to take my cam with me but will soon add some pics.

Gee,I fel so excited about this.I have several times study the map and decided to take some trips to them but they have been so far away so never been there but now when I soon will have my boat nearer those spots they will be checked out,have a good feeling about them.

As I wrote,next weekend will be dedicated to brand new spots so there is some excitement in the air.....

2 kommenttia:

  1. tight lines!!! i will be in Kemiönsaari next weekend...i ll make sure you´re awesome tubefly will get ripped off :) :) :)!! Keep in touch mate!

  2. Hi Pietro,just let them tear it apart,just give me a call and I´ll tie a new one for ya :)

    And tight lines to u too