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tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

SBS Flash fly

Tested these flies with a friend last weekend and was more than happy with it or as my friend said:This is a killer fly.
Anyway,nothing is that good that you can´t make it better so After some thoughts I decided to change the tail part of it and now I´m completely happy with it.
After a small test in a bathtub I´m ready to put up a SBS post of it,I am so sure this fly will work.
This fly is inspired by surprise,surprise Niklaus bauers Pike tube which you can find on youtube.
This fly is not something that I have created,inspiration sources from here and there has slowly become to this,hopefully this SBS post will be usefully for you too.

1.I use a L-size tube.

2.Add a bunch of bucktail,leave about 1,5 cm:s free space back for the hook.

3.Here comes the new part compared to the older versions.Put some thin bunches of Big Fly Fibre as a tail,remember,THIN bunches.

4.Make a tying loop about 20 cm:s long.

5.now its time to blend some flash,choose some of your favorite colors,the important thing here is to choose one bunch of flash which is a bit stiffer than the three others,it makes the fly fluffier.

6.Use a comb to blend the material well,this is a important moment,blend them well,otherwise you have one color on one side and the other on the other side,and it will not look nice.

7.take about 50% of the bunch and cut in two bunches.

8.Add both bunches in the loop.The full length nearer the tube and start spin.use a needle or like me a comb to now and then solve out all knots and mess now and then,it really pay off with better movement.

9.Now it looks more like a fly rather then some Christmas decoration.

10.Time for a second loop,much shorter than the first one,10 cm:s will be good.
Take a small bunch of flash and half it or in this case one bunch of one color and a second bunch of some other color and cut it half and half and put it in the loop,once again full length near the shank/tube.Even if this loop is short I recommend to solve it out while spinning it.

11.At this moment I use to go through the whole fly with sharp scissors to solve out every loop for maximal movement and after that it´s only some kind of head left to add.of some reason I like to add a XXL-cone on my flash flies and have not regret it.It doesn´t make the fly sink like a rock,it balance the fly pretty nice because on these tubes the hook is more back on the fly as usual.

Ready to rock....

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  1. tulin täältä kurkkimaa hauen kuntoa näyttäis vähä väriä kaipaavan :) tuu piipahtaa liikkeel jokupäivä

  2. If that fly doesn’t catch fish, no fly will!