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sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Without a happy end...

Went out fishing on Saturday morning 6.30 am with a good mood,had thoughts to open my flyfishing season seriously for the year,had some new ties with me,the weather was fine for fishing.
Water level had rise +40 cm which use to be a good sign,water temp was moving to the right direction,still 16 degrees but anyway.
Wind 6-7 m/s blowing from east,flurrys up to 12 m/s added with some rain showers made my expectations raised close to maximum but first two hours was mostly for washing lures and flies so we decided to take a break at my cottage.
After several liters coffee and some sandwiches we went out fishing again and of some reason we decided to fish some new places and hey we had some excellent fishing in number but the size was small,a little bit difficult to flyfish in that wind but not impossible.
I was very happy for my fishingfella,he surely had a fishing time of his life,nice to see a young lad enjoying fishing that much.
before we even noticed we were pretty far from our dock fishing a windy side of an islet when it suddenly happend....

I was releasing a small jack from my friends lure when he (the fish)decided I wasn´t doing it quickly enough and decided to give me a helping hand in form of putting some razorblade sharp teeth in my thumb.before I even realised what happend I noticed that blood was spraying from my left thumb and even if I have had some wounds before I knew that this was far more seriously then before.
Worst of all,remember some posts ago when I wrote about a friend who was in the same situation that I was now ? You don´t.... well I wrote that from now on I will carry a small first aid kit with me for situations like this,well did I..... correct,no I did not.
So putting thing´s together:Far from the dock.A heavy bleeding guy as skipper with a young guy that probably can´t find my dock from here

Have to admit I was feeling a bit concerned but could think that we have to leave immediately back and while I was driving I started to feel more concerned because I was a bit dizzy caused my bleeding and nothing to eat or drink for a while.
If possible my thumb was bleeding more and more.

Also started to worry about getting the boat attached to the dock and then what ?
Hospital or what...
At this stage my friend took the leadership and decided to call 112(our local 911)and ask for advice.They promised to send an ambulance to the shore to meet us and after some minutes I was in a situation were two nice women took care of me so no need to complain :)

My friends dad had also arrived down to the shore and he took me to the hospital because those two women decided that I was need for a couple of stitches so we went driving to Porvoo hospital 30 minutes away.

Was at the hospital for almost four hours,dont wanna go to all details but I went away pretty pissed of and with no stitches which was my own decision after all wait here and wait there,got my thumb bandaged and that was good enough for me.

I´m really hope that you have learned something about this post.Even a nice session can turn very nasty in just a second,I hope that I learned to ALWAYS carry a first aid kit with me when I´m going out fishing,please make sure you doing it too,hopefully it will never be needed but it´s good to have when you do need it.

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  1. Aijai, voin kokemuksen syvällä rintaäänellä sanoa tuon olevan aika kettumainen tilanne :/ Mun alkaa jo peukalo paraneen, mutta puristusvoima siitä on vielä kateissa joidenkin hermovaurioiden vuoksi. Onneksi sait kuitenkin apua nopeasti.

  2. Very nasty that mate, even those little fellas can do some serious damage.

  3. Hello Johan, How are your hand ?
    The scare ..., be careful with Pikes

  4. Toge:Joo, mulle tuli rantaan ajaessa useampaan otteeseen toi sun tarina mieleen,tilanne vaan tulee niin äkkiä eteen että oksat pois,päätin jo aiemmin pitää ensiapu pakettia mukana veneessä.Ehkä sitä nyt oppi.

    Paul:That is so true and it can happen pretty fast too.

    David:My thumb is aching pretty much but it will be better,hopefully before next weekend,would like to fishing :)

  5. James:Got one but trying to avoid using it with smaller fishes like this,but maybe should give it a new thought :)))

  6. Simon: U r just jelaous of those medicals :)))

  7. thanks to this jack'o pike wich permit you to meet very beautifuls girls on the deck !!

  8. That looks like a nasty cut, man. But looking at the nurses, you probably did it on purpose.