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maanantai 24. syyskuuta 2012

The first cast curse

So,what can I say?This has happened before some times but let´s still hope that it´s not true but anyway,went out fishing with a friend last Saturday,started from my home in Sipoo about 7.30 am.
The weather was nearly perfect for fishing,air temp around 11 degrees, a southwest wind 4-5 m/s,cloudy and no rain so no wonder why we had some skyhigh expectations for our forthcoming 7-8 hours.

We had to go and get my brother and his family from the dock so we had to start from some spots near it and both of us had a dream start,Pietro landed a S sized pike on his first cast and I also had my first landed fish in couple of minutes,also a S size but the game was on,we kept going for an hour or so but no contacts and sonn we had to go and get my brothers family and we also felt it was time for some coffee.

After the coffee break we went out fishing again started from a spot not often used near our cottage but after a while we gave up mostly because of the wind and decided to find a place with less wind and after some minutes of driving we arrived to sheltered bay and with my first cast I had a small Jack following my fly to right behind the boat and the he lost his interest in it and disappeared.
We fished this spot for a while but no contacts at all so we moved further to the next spot but all action there was also a small bugger following the fly(or a lure,can´t remember)so no need to waste more time here either.
My feelings was somewere between desperated and frustated at this moment and for a desperate last try we decided to try on a totally calm spot and have to say that it looked promising because we both heard and saw pikes were eating but unfortunately only real fish this time,we tried to serve them both lures and flies but nothing seemed to be good enough for those picky ones.

The clock was ticking and soon we have to give up with only the two fishes landed which is beyond belief in my opinion but left room for some speculation.

Even if the fishes refused to Co-operate we had a nice time,always good to meet new friends and test some new flies and I´ll have to say my latest flash ties worked fine,nice movements in water and I really belive in them,they will definately get more time in water later on.

As you can see I am living some kind of flash moment right now :)

BTW,my brother landed a nice 93 cm pike on the same spot we finished with Pietro just some hours before.....

4 kommenttia:

  1. I lost a big one in your area, couple of weeks ago. But overall this season start has been quite weird.
    I mean, I understand poor fish rates in days when the sun is shining or there is too much/too little wind. But there have been really lousy days when I least expected them (this weekend for example).

  2. Hi Milo,Totally agree,this weekend was really nice weather but only two fishes in 7-8 hours is....not what we were looking for,but for the next weekend I´ll have to find out some new ways to go :)

  3. Next weekend will be my last, until the end of october at least. I'm having high hopes for it, let's see.

  4. Tight lines M8.I will be there too,and with high hopes too :)