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tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2012

Golden oldies with a dash of new spirit

Had an easier day at work today so at my lunch break I had the chance to check my older posts since 2010 and oh boy my fishing has made a BIG change since those days.
At those time I fished even for Trouts at streams and used spoons and more regular lures,but i also took my first steps in fly fishing for pike which has came my most beloved way of fishing.
Soon I felt day dreaming of those old days and remembered one moment that showed me the direction...It´s a fly called Replot stinger,tied by Simon Graham.

It was the first pattern I tied so that I felt comfortable,a fly that could deliver some buggers for me,I had tied several flies before but Replot stinger was the first "real" pike fly for me.
It helped me a lot when Simon at the fly fish fair in Tampere showed me how to tie it.
Still have the pics left of the first ones.

The next fly to show the direction was a fly called Hoover tied by Niklaus Bauer.I tied also some of them but got only one left.

There has been different patterns now and then but all my flies are mostly inspired by those two patterns,some difference in materials but same style anyway.

Here´s some of my latest ties which you could almost call: Back to basics.

And some new in the Semper Fi family.

Has tied some flies now when the water temps sinking and the autumn season starts seriously.Nice to be ready...for once :)

Was also fishing last Sunday and landed some fishes but I don´t wanna talk about it anymore,it was pain in the ass,simply as that,managed to take a nice photo anyway.

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  1. Hi Johan, pretty flies. I Like too.