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keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2012

Waiting for better bites.

Have barely healed from the chock from last weekend.The Fishing was a total pain in the ass.
Went out with my brothers boat 8 am with my expectations quite high,Small breeze,cloudy,water level about + 30cm:s and some small rain showers now and then.
Water temp was between 14 to 15 degrees (celsius)So truly expected at least some co operation from under surface too.
After couple of hours the winde get a bit stronger and at least a couple of small jack´s visited the boat but the result of seven hours fishing was only five landed fishes so except the fresh air and all other blaa blaa it was nearly a disaster.
Don´t know why it´s getting harder now when weather and water temp going to better direction..

Next weekend will be a new try,hoping for some better luck and if that´s not enough I have also some new ties to get in front of the judges faces.

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