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torstai 13. syyskuuta 2012

Finally I did it

Did what,well before I tell you I have to say that it has been in my mind for some years but have not been brave enough to just go for it.
Now closing in on fifty I thought it was time to let go and walk in to Tattoocafe in Tikkurila southern Finland and some hours later I walked out with this:

So now I am officially a pike angler.
Was a bit nervous first but found soon out that I was in good hands.

Tomppa,the guy who made this pic was simply awsome,I saw very soon that he knows what he´s doing and now watching it I have to say that I just love this tattoo and now with my first one I´m already planning the second one,also it has to do with pike.

Have also made some new ties for the forthcoming autumn season,not sure what´s on my weekend menu.
Hopefully fishing but it all depend on my thumb,still aching a bit but it´s nothing new anymore,i can live with it.
If I don´t get out fishing there will be a trip to Ideapark in Lempäälä near Tampere were it will be a big happening for pikeanglers,including spinnerbait,jerkbait and of course fly fishing for pike,stuff to buy etc.etc

Here´s some new ties waiting to be judged by some nice slimy big guns:

All of them tied on a Sakuma manta 546 long shank sized 6/0 which is right now my favorite hook.
The first one is also my first attempt to tie a tandem fly,as a trailer hook I have used a Tiemco 600 SP #3/0

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Johan, how are you, and your arms?
    Very good tatoo

  2. Hi David,Yeah,I like this tattoo very much too,I´m officially a pikefisher now,my thumb is slowly but surely healing and I was able to fish yesterday even if I had to be careful :)