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sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

Fishing and testing Semper Fi 26.8 2012

I was out fishing today on Sunday and nothing new with that,what made this day special was that I had a guy with me that Is very interested in fishing but has not landed a pike in two years...TWO YEARS !!!!

He is a friend to my brother and I heard that last time he was fishing with my brother he had fished for ten hours without a single hit on his lure while my brother landed pike after pike
My brother was on work at our cottage so it was an easy decision to take him with me with a promise that he will get a fish today and what a start he almost had he had a hit on his second cast but couldn´t land the fish but at least we knew there was somebody home so continued to cast our lures (flies for me) into the water,both had some hits but no landed fishes.

It took us a while before Alex shouted that he had a fish on and this time he landed it.
It was a small one but I ,have never seen a guy so happy bout a fish,it really felt good to help someone like this.

Of some reason the fishing was tough,very tough,and I started to panic,would it be a blank draw for me?
After three hours of fishing I finally landed a fish,size XS,but anyway,it made my day.
Of course I was bleeding even on this daytrip too,almost a tradition already,don´t even ask how I do it.

We had some work to do at our cottage so at this stage it was good to finish our fishing.

The water temp was still warm,17-18 degrees celsius and the water level low which could be one reason why the fishing felt so tough but you also could feel that the autumn was near now and two,maybe three weeks more and it should be better and easier to find fishes.

Also tested some new ties inspired from Simon Grahams blog,a pattern called Semper Fi.
Loved the way they moved not to mention how easy they were to cast,still gonna give them a facelift so they fit more my style.The movement was nice but I want a bit bigger size so the next flies will be same except they will have a longer tail

All tied on Sakuma manta 546 Long shank size 6/0

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