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maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2016

Season 2016 second and final end.

Was lucky to get couple of new chances after the "first end of the season" but as I see the things now there won't be new chances anymore so  Nov.26 2016 will be written in history as a season end for me.Forecasts promise very cold weather for next two weeks and I would be very surprised if we would see another miracle.
Anyway,as I wrote in a earlier post,days are shorter and a good plan were you gonna fish is crucial so I checked wind directions and water levels very carefully before I went out.
Wind from East 4-6 m/s,cloudy,some small rain showers and a water level of +40 cm sounded promising.
My earlier experiences told me that slightly deeper calm bays would be my top priority target for today,also set my sights to 15 minutes after sunrise.

I arrived to the shore about 6.15 am and it was pitch black so I had some time to gear up.
My plans was to fish a bit deeper than I normally do so I changed my line to a fast intermediate,the water were I fish is crystal clear so I thought it could be hard to get pikes to get the fly close to surface,still you can fish in shallow areas with a Int.line too.
So,paddled out 150 m to the first spot and four,maybe fifth cast and first fish landed,a two kg bugger.
Not many casts later I felt someone was nibbling the fly when just three meter from the yak a Ma'm hit it hard,water was so cold that there wasn't any big fights and not until I chingripped her I noticed that it was a slightly better one,4-5 kilos.

As you can see it was still pretty dark,have had some good moments before just before daylight steps in.

Next destination wasn't too far so after five minutes my battleship was slowly gliding into position just before full daylight,Saw two boats a way out fishing a windy reedbank,I was hoping I had made right decision by stayin on calm side.

On these short days my fishing is pretty intensive so no long coffee breaks now.A banana and some juice and out with the fly,strip....strip....strip....and BOOM.
First cast and fish on and seconds later fish landed,no big drama with this fish either.

Was very happy on how the day started.
Caught some smaller fishes too from same anchoring spot when I again felt a slightly better one on the other end of the line but as with the other fishes,no big fight now either.

Was wondering could this be same fish I landed maybe ten minutes earlier ? Not sure about that but at least I had some daylight now.
Landed couple more fishes from this bay.

Even if the fishing was good I decided to try my luck on the windy side.
Said and done,
Only to paddle couple of minutes to get there so no big deal.
Funny how the water was totally different here,so clear I decided to change the fly to a more dark color.

Fished for a while here but very soon I gave up the hope,why sit here and freeze when I can go to to a shelter place much warmer and even fishing was better there.Landed just one bugger here.

On my way back I noticed that it was getting colder and when I looked at the sky I was pretty sure I would see some snow soon.
Still beautiful colors.

Oh gosh I love autumn colors.
It was a small bay with barely no wind at all so I decided to paddle to the end and started to fish from a drifting kayak.
On the second drift I felt something heavier hit my fly and after a short battle I landed biggest of the day,not a monster size but a nice one anyway.

After this fish I fished for about 15 minutes and landed one more fish and decided to stop fishing even if I could have fished for maybe two hours more but thought I would be happier to put an end on my season with a smile on my face than to perhaps not get anything on the rest of the day.

Used only two flies on my last day of season 2016,landed 14 out of 18 with the upper one and 4out of 18 with the copper toned and a custom painted wiggletail,can't be anything but happy with this day.
Now it's time to start thinking of new plans for 2017.
Some tuning of my kayak,some (a lot) fly tying and map study is on top of the list
Not a winter without FlyVS Jerk which will be out in February,nice to have a Finnish team in the competition too.
And of course some tying videos will be both watched and also made so stay tuned.

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