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keskiviikko 23. marraskuuta 2016

Rumble in man cave.

When my daughter moved out I immediately started to build a man cave for me and had big plans of this and that but since that dramatic change in the weather which allow me to fish again there has been a break in styling,except a carpet and a chair.
But what there has been is some tying even if my material is all in boxes in a locker.

Also there has been a lack of inspiration every now and then but somehow I have managed to find it in form of conversations with friends or from https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539980909589609/
(not sure you can see it) but it's a group called Northern Pike Fly Fishing Finland,quality tying and good stuff overall.
There hasn't been tons of flies tied but at least some.here's some pics.

First fly tied in my new lab.

These articulated flies has been outstanding this Autumn so I want to have a good amount of them tied just in case.

Pretty much based on Niklaus Bauer "Black bream" pattern but I have tried to put in my own twist to it by adding one bunch of bucktail but on the other hand left out some other materials.
I can swing this bastard with my #9 weight rod a whole day without a need of sick leave,I love it.

But I wan't to tie other stuff too so my next mission is to tie some smaller replacement flies for my old ones,noticed that many of them were badly chewed.
Also wanna work on a pattern I have had in mind for a while now,need something to match my friends spinnerbaits in late springtime,no worries,not gonna add any blades on them,just a view of a weed guard is haunting me,it just has to be tried out.
Luckily I got time to do some plans yet.

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