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torstai 17. marraskuuta 2016

I have a dream...

No,no,no and one more time NO.
I'm not trying to imitate Martin Luther King here,my dreams are so much insignificant like I might be able to go out fishing again,set my sights to next Sunday.

After two weeks of cold and snow weather has dramatically changed to rain and temps around +3,+4 degrees so I think I might take a break from my man cave build up,yes correct,I'm building a man cave for my use.

My youngest daughter moved out to a cabin on he own so we were left with a extra room,and when my wife several times has hope that my tying lab could be somewhere else than our bedroom we decided that I could move the lab to the extra room,said and done.

Of course it's a bit sentimental when your kids moving out but on the other hand I'm a bit excited about this even if it will take a long time before this project is solved and done especially now if I'm able to fish too.
Here's some pics of how things progress,notice I got three co-workers giving their helping han....paws

These "helping" paws have been very.......okay,let's call it helpful,but as some of you might know I'm a big fan of cats,so it has been fun,they have probably been excited too.

But,as the title said,I have a dream and as it look right now it will be fulfilled too so even if I had removed all my lines from the reels,washed them and stored them I'm excited now as a child just before Christmas.I really looking forward to write a report of fishing next,fingers crossed.

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