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tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2015

Wiggle tail video finally made.

Have noticed for a while that if I go out after work mentally meant to "just lay out some line" I have had much better fishing then on a 12-14 hours of raw fishing,so even last Saturday.
Went out early with a friend of mine in cold but otherwise nice weather,sun was shining,a light breeze from west which nicely broke the calm surface.
Only issue was a very low water level which so often have made fishing very slow.
We had some clear plans were to fish so we paddled through some spots without fishing them at this moment.
My friend landed a small jack after maybe an hours fishing.A third friend joined us just at same time I landed my first fish of the day.
There's not much more to tell you about.I landed one more fish,had my line broken (FUCK!!!)
Think we fished for 13-14 hours and less then 10 fishes for three anglers wasn't exactly what I was waiting for even if I knew it's going to be a tough day out.

But some positive things here to an end.
Had my first bbq sausages with good company for the year which was the best part of the day.

Managed to finally make a video of a way to tie up a Wiggle tail fly in my way,made also a video of a hook-rig to it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR4DRNgLAvo   and


Do not forget to watch Niklaus Bauer video of Wiggle tail flies which will be released  April 30:th


Can hardly wait for this one,these videos use to be super cool.

And one more video to add.
My friend Daniel from  http://www.bluedotmediashop.dk/ will sell some cool stuff for pike fishing
for good money,so hurry up if you wanna get some.


That's all for now folks.
Next weekend I will be fishing with my team-mate from Jackson kayak fishing team in a place that should be awesome,hopefully the weather is good for fishing and that pikes will be more co-operative than last Sat.

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