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maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Couple of quick sessions

Now at springtime I have not been able to stay away from water for a whole week Because it's so short time before they go spawning so I have even been on the water after work for some well planned attacks on small areas for two-three hours.

Have noticed that a well planned short session is much more effective than a session which last the whole day and fishing little here and there.
It's all because when you got limited time you fish more precise few spots than using your precious time to paddling.
Precise fishing compared to Wiggletail flies has been the key factor for my Springtime so far.

There's not so much to write about these short sessions but made a small video of the one from last Wednesday:


10-12 fishes in an hour and half was cool even if there wasn't any big guns included.

On Friday I had some more time to fish but the wind was very strong and it was cold and rainy,I saw sleet,I saw water and everything possible coming down and had no high hopes.
But still in 3 hours I managed to land 7 fishes of which one was a better one..

Was out on Sunday too,fished for nine hours and managed to land only five jacks even if weather conditions except water level was perfect.
Maybe should I do only some short precise shots more often.

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