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keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2015

Fishing May 1:st - May 3:rd

Had an opportunity to fish at Ruoto Pikecamp last weekend with my team mate from Jackson kayak fishing team and some of his friends too.
Had pretty high hopes because forecasts promised nice weather,light breeze 3-5 m/s north-east wind,cloudy,only issue was the water level which was 15 cm below normal.
Arrived to the camp about 8 am and waited for  my friends to arrive too.
While waiting I was gearing up and felt pretty excited,always nice to fish new waters.

I was first out at water and soon I noticed two things,first of all,a "light" breeze was a very strong wind which made fishing much tougher.
Observations showed a wind up to 14 m/s and in gusts even harder,secondly water was dirty,sight in water wasn't more than maybe 10 cm:s.

not much sight in water.
Strange feeling....Awesome surroundings but obviously on a wrong day,confidence to find a fish here was below zero.this could be a hot place after three...maybe four weeks.

Had one hard hit on my fly but after a "fight" I managed to see it was a big Bream,two and a half kilo maybe.
After just one and a half hour fishing we decided to give up and go to the camp and made up a new plan for the day.
After a quick lunch we had a plan which was to go over to my "homewater" not far from here were I knew we would find some clear water and also some shelter places.

Hit the water 3 pm and noticed that it will be tough to fish even on the shelter places but still had much more confidence to land something here but it was slow fishing even here were I knew some spots and some hours later I managed to land my first one after I dropped two other even  jacks.

Even a jack can save a day.
Anyway while I was driving home I knew I would not be fit enough for next days fishing so I had a day of on Saturday but heard that the other guys had pretty good fishing.

Woke up on Sunday early as usual but even if the weather was super nice I still wonder do I wanna go fishing or should I stay home taking it easy and resting.
You how it usually end ? Yes,an hour later I hit the water again in a sunny but pretty windy weather.
Clock was too much to go paddling any longer so I decided to fish very carefully some reed banks instead.
There wasn't too much action but managed to land some smaller jacks and was already about to give up when I on my last spot managed to land a slightly better fish which had already spawn.

Grumpy face

Even if my face says something else I was very happy with this and decided to end this session as long as I was in a good mood and had only a short trip to paddle back to shore.
Hope to get out soon again.

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