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perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

Pike season is on.Wiggletail rocks

Sunday April 5:th will be written in history as my season opener.
Heard on Friday that there was some open water to fish but had some other plans for Saturday so were no able get out on same day but I can tell you it was a long day just waiting for Sunday.
Didn't sleep too much that night and was up early on Sunday morning and after a quick breakfast I met my friends at the shore as we started to gearing up for the day.
It was windy,cold and cloudy day which felt even colder then what it actually was due to the three and a half month long pause I have had since my last trip in late December

After we had made a game plan we went out on water,hard to describe that feeling when my yak slide into the water,oh man I was happy.
There were still some ice on many of my ordinary spots and also a heavy wind so we had to think a bit outside the box and we found some "allright" places to fish from.
In our first bay there were no ice at all but a pretty tough wind to fight against.
Had all my new flies with me and decided to start with a "Wiggletail",hottest of the hot new stuff.
Fished for a while and no long before I felt some light bite on my fly and yes,first fish of the year landed,Nice.

Wiggletail done the job.

Fished here for a while but nothing more than a dropped fish for me so we decided to take a short break,we were all hungry already.

Kayak parking.

Some warm soup and juice taste so good out here and keep the focus on.
Tried some other flies too but with no result.
We decided to paddle a bit further out but kept in mind that we had to paddle against the wind on our way back so we didn't go as far as we had planned.
Dropped two more fishes which one felt like a better one and it was time for another break.


After a break we decided to slowly start to paddle back fishing some spots on our way and it was nice to get to a calm bay and also the sun showed up among the clouds for a while.
Amazing how different conditions can be due to places.Water temps was almost three degrees warmer here than on the other spots.
Dropped two fishes here,one felt like a better one,but not sure.Anyway as soon as I had change back to a wiggletail I had some action.

Not much more to tell you about,it was very nice to be able to get out after so long pause.
A remarkable thing  was that wiggletail flies or in this case fly (pink/white) was simply outstanding for me,outstanding even if I gave a fair chance to other type of flies too,had not a single hit on any other fly.
My friends collected their fishes with a "ordinary" flies,Spin fisher blanked....of course =D

                                                         Mon.April 6:th

Woke up pretty early and noticed that every muscle in my body ached A LOT !!!!
Barely get up from the bed and while drinking coffee I decided,believe me or not to not go fishing today.
After some hours I found myself staring out  of the window,sunshine,no wind.....
15 minutes later I found myself sitting in my car on my way to the shore.
Was down at the shore so late I decided to not paddle far out and took only one box,one rod with me.

As I thought,no action,three small tiny hits on the fly on this nice warm calm day,fished for only three hours today.

Next weekend will probably be dedicated to fly fishing fair at Ylöjärvi on Saturday and on Sunday forecast promised hard wind so not sure if I be able to fish at all but at least season is on.

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