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lauantai 4. huhtikuuta 2015

D-Day getting closer.

Tomorrow April 5:th will finally be D-Day for my 2015 pike season.I can say that it's a day I have waited for big time.
Not that I got any high hopes of any super catches but it will be nice to finally come out for some fishing.Also very often blanked my first trip of the season so.....
Got my pimped yak loaded on the roof of my car,new tied flies packed etc,etc...

Feel so good to everything sorted out in good time.
Have tied up some new flies which I will write more about in some other post but feeling extra excited about Wiggletails and Pike Skinz baitfish patterns.

Forecast for tomorrow.....+5 degrees,wind from east 4-7 m/s,cloudy.not bad...not at all,biggest concern is that I have heard the water is very murky in most of the places so I need to find some clear water and just hope I will be able to break the "first trip blanking" curse.
Think I will spend a sleepless night,way too excited now,but need to try,hopefully I can add some nice crackin pics tomorrow

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