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torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

Still wiggling.

So,pre-spawning season comes to an end soon and I have to say it has been better than usual which I think it's much Wiggle tail flies to thank.
Have really gave all kind of flies a fair chance but those Wiggle tails have been outstanding,think every single landed fish has been fooled with one.

Have tried to figure it out what's the secret with these tails and think one big thing is that in cold water were at least I use to fish with loooooong stops while retrieving the tail still moving seductively and driving pikes out of their mind.


There's probably many variations of flies used with tails,my solution has been tubeflies with a singlehook rig with a replaceable tail.
I think this solution suit my fishing pretty well because it give me so many opportunities to fish with same fly.
As you can see on the pic below.You can use a tail or just a normal hook rig,wanna go deeper just add one or more coneheads etc,etc....

One fly,many possibilities.

As you can see these flies are very simple to tie,a collar of bucktail,add some synthetics like big fly fibre and flash.Made a head of craft fur,icelandic sheep or nayat hair and that's it,no need for any fancy tying unless you feel for it.
These flies measuring only about 17 cm but with the tail they are close to 25 cm which is big enough at least for my fishing.


Once again I have to remind you that this is only one solution of million different ones.
I'm using a Partridge Universal predator CS-86 hook size 4/0 .
Tying in a 55 lbs titanium wire double on the shank after I have added a small snap lock on it.
After I double it I thread some pearls on the wire for the balance,don't want to have a jigging movement on them.
Also use to put a thin layer of epoxy on the hook shank to protect the tying thread.

Ready rig without a tail.
Now it's just to tie in a snap lock reverse on the tail,snap it on and the rig is ready.

A ready rig.
These are solutions which have worked very well for me but of course I'm trying to improve even things that work well so that's why I'm really waiting for this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMAVs6tLR58
to see and hopefully get some new ideas and inspiration.
Waiting extra much for the new bigger models to come......

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