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keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

UV.Neon.Glitter.Glow and Bling bling.

Now then,it's Wednesday and these last days has been real pain in the ass,must be something wrong with clocks.
Everything should be ready for the big kickoff next Saturday so everything I do is just for fun.
Have been tying some flies just to keep all new tricks I learned on the fair fresh in mind.
Flies with UV materials have been in headlines for a time but to be honest I have not give them too much attention until I saw the difference live showed by Mr Bauer.
Had to dig my UV lamp from storage and check if had any UV materials home,and yes,found some.
To be honest I have not immersed in the UV,Neon or any "glow in the dark" materials to know all the attributes they have but it was cool to turn of the lights and turn on the UV lamp.

Got one fly tied (it took me fuckin two days ) and have to say I'm happy,will get a go next Saturday.

As i wrote I don't got any knowledge about this material so think I need to check my other flies with a UV lamp,might be some surprises found among them.Really need to sit down and study differences among this materials to get some more knowledge about it.
Anyway,see the difference.

As I  however was playing around with materials I made a slightly different head on this fly by adding some glitter on it's head.

Borrowed this idea from a Swedish female angler Sussi Stridh who I once saw using nail polish ending her flies.
You can check out her blog here  http://www.fisheco.se/blogg/sussissymfoni/ 
I had run out of nail polish so I used this glitter instead......

And don't forget tomorrow to check in at:

https://www.youtube.com/user/kanalgratisdotse  for Fly VS Jerk 6 episode 5

C'mon you fly guys :)

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