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maanantai 9. maaliskuuta 2015

Go Expo 2015 + new ties

So,the official spring mark has been left behind,talking about Go Expo fair in Helsinki and even if this was a cheap task financially for me it was a cool nice fair again.
Spend some time at http://www.erakettu.com/wp/ booth acquainting fishing kayaks to people.
What I liked was that people were very interested in fishing from kayaks.
Hopefully more people will find this wonderful type of fishing.
Many manufacturer had different models showed up so people had a great opportunity to compare them here.
Also Jackson kayaks new Kraken model was showed up.

And as a cherry on the cake,theme for the fishing section at the fair was "Pike" and it seemed we had a Swedish invasion in Helsinki with some well known names from several videos.
Saw my namesake Johan Ruhe from https://www.youtube.com/user/kanalgratisdotse producer of Fly VS Jerk films,a real survivor kit for me in winter times waiting for open water.
A competitor from those films,a luremaker Claes "Svartzonker" Claesson,really funny guy.
A casting instructor who's videos I watched late nights when I tried to learn casting with DH rods,Mattias Drugge,his casting show was nice,even if I don´t do too much DH fishing I had to watch it.

Last but not least a guy who is pretty much to blame that I fly fish for pike nowadays.
Niklaus Bauer from http://www.flydressing.se/  was tying on both  http://www.visionflyfishing.com/ and http://shop.helsinkispeyclave.com/ booths.His fly tying videos has been a huge inspiration for my tying and at least 90 % of my flies is based on his patterns and also a huge inspiration source overall.
A gentleman with with a big G who kindly gave  me some awesome advice how to improve and make my own tying easier.

His videos are cool but seeing him tying live was something special,saw many small things you can't see on videos which I will for sure try to bring into my own tying also.

Shame I missed our own Finnish tyer Jari Koski show,have seen his flies on many sites and they look awesome,would have been nice to see his flies live too,maybe next year.

Of course I have to add my latest ties,fresh from vice,Tried to tie with all tips and hints I got and I'm happy with the result,not maybe their time yet but still excited with them.

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