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torstai 5. maaliskuuta 2015

I have woken up

Don't know why but somehow I feel like I have been in sleep for a long time and slowly waking up from some kind of hibernation.
Have even tied flies lately which I don't have had energy for a long time.

One big energy boost has come from Chris Chandler at  http://jerkbaitmania.co.uk/  and Pike Skinz material.
Not just the material,it has also been some kind of awakening for me and now I got almost everyday new visions in everything that has to do with tying or fishing generally,feels good....

Don't know if there's anything new in this pattern but I haven't tied these kind of flies before,named them to brooms,just because of their messy look before their first swim.
You saw some ties couple posts ago but now I have also made a video of them


Brooms,Wiggle tails,Pike Skinz..... Oh come on spring.....

BTW.It's Thursday and its showtime again,check in at https://www.youtube.com/user/kanalgratisdotse  today because it's time for fourth episode of
Fly VS Jerk 6

Current scores are:

Let it roll fly guys

2 kommenttia:

  1. Terve!
    No niin nyt päästän taas haukihommiin heti kun jäät lähtevät ;)
    Sain aikaa hyvä opitunti Niklaukselta tänään messulla


  2. Moi Bruce.
    Niin sain minäkin paljon ideoita,vinkkejä sekä materiaalien ja tekniikoiden saralta.Niklaus on kyllä herrasmies viimeisen päälle.
    Oli kiva tavata sinutkin "livenä" monen FB kaveruusvuosien jälkeen.Toivottavasti kohdataan vesillä vielä :)