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tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Season opener in city surroundings..

Even though title says season opener I haven't felt this city fishing as an opener,it has always been more like therapy after a long cold winter,nice to be able to lay out some line in open water.
This year it felt even less like an opener for me,felt kinda strange to wake up and don't feel any kind of excitement.
Wonder why it was so and figured out why couple of days later,not my species and not with my kayak.
Anyway, was at shore later than I meant to be and noticed a hard wind and low water level and also murky.
Saw big passenger ship farther out and some other anglers too,had a tough wind blowing right at my face,I knew I would not enjoy staying long here.

Have not been fishing here that often that I would know any hot spots so I just tried to find a place were I could get the line out.
Couple of minutes on this place and what I had to work to get the fly out,anyway,good practice for forthcoming season.
Decided to try to find some place with less wind but all nice looking spots were occupied with other anglers so I took some photos instead.

Walked a bit further and finally I had came to that point I had to choose to walk back to the car or just fish in a place that looked like a well.

Decided to stay for some casts,not to fish,just to improve my casting skills.
Fished/practiced for about thirty minutes before I decided that I had enough practicing.
So...not much to tell you about this trip.
Go Expo outdoor fair next weekend and hopefully I will be able to kick my season on fire March 14:th

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