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torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015

Close to season opener.

Slowly but surely spring rolling into us here in Finland and next Sunday I have in plans to get a small season opener done,just a small because I'm going for seatrout which I use to do once or max twice a year.
Weekend March 6-8 I will be at GoExpo outdoor fair in Helsinki and weekend after that I hope.....I really,really hope to be able to go out with  my kayak for some pikefishing,goosh I have waited for that moment.
Anyway,next Sunday is all about seatrout...or actually about lay out some line in open water but to make that funnier I want to feel that I'm able to catch something and that' why I have tied some flies for this moment and even if I don't have a clue about seatrout flies I do have a feeling these could work.

I relly hope to catch some because my last seatrout with fly is from 2011 or 12...can't remember but it was a tiny little fish measured to 39 cm.

On top of all I even made a video of these flies even if I don't know will they even work =D


Still tying some smaller pikeflies too even if I got enough of them.Tying is so fun at the moment that I just can't stop.

As you can see there are some Baitfish pattern tied too,tied of a material called Pike Skinz from
http://www.jerkbaitmania.co.uk Nice synthetics which will get a go as soon as I get out with my yak.

Almost forgot...I made a video of that baitfishpattern too


Gonna try to make more videos now when I'm finally learning more to work with IMovie on my McBook.
Got some cool tying projects going on so stay tuned :)

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