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torstai 30. lokakuuta 2014

Preparing for the season highlight.

Not many days left before the long awaited trip will become true and my preparing going on with high intensity now,don't want anything to go wrong.
Biggest thing has been study maps and forecasts and trying to figure out some good color combos for the area,not going to take any pressure on small things,even if I wan't to be prepared for different situations.

Sorting out flies is important =D

The fishable area is shallow so I got me a custom slow sink line which I think will be most used.
Airflo Sniper fast inter will also be on a reel.These lines with some coneheads will propably cover most situations.
A Big Daddy line sink 3 will also be on a spool,just in case.

Thought about four rods,
-Vision Big Daddy
-Vision GT4
-Vision Big Mama
-Guideline LpXe Rs V2

Three reels will be used.
-Vision Tank
-Vison Koma Cassette with three spools
-Hardy Demon Cassette also with three spools (just in case,otherwise I don't use ANYTHING made by Hardy)
A big amount of flies,but need to be carefully sorted out in materials and colors so they will be easy to find when needed.

Got me some hook-rigs ready but will make some new too,both with stingers and without them,
Got me a spool of 0.80 mm fluorocarbon so need to make some leaders too
I have some hook rigs with stinger hooks too and even if I barely not use them at all but think they can travel with me anyway.

So,only clothes and other personal stuff to be packed and I will be ready to lay back and enjoy my fishing highlight of the year.
Funny how all preparing has been much more carefully with this trip only because I'm going abroad,need to think it's only two days fishing and for pike as usual so only venues will be new thing here.
Not much more I can do or say so I'm gonna end this post by saying:


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